Notts County Remaining Non-League

Another year of non-league football for Notts County then,. That will be the fourth, after a poor capitulation last night with a goal seconds from the end of full time and another close to the culmination of extra time to a workmanlike Grimsby side. The predictable and slightly gutless style of football employed by Notts appears to be inappropriate for the level of football in which they find themselves. It can be entertaining at times but also unproductive when it really matters at the business end. More aggression is certainly just one of several requirements seriously needed.

Ruben Rodrigues of Notts County (Image: Nottingham Live)

The future for the football club looks a little bleak it has to be said and this is nothing new with the club generally sliding along a downward trajectory for years if not decades of mistakes and mismanagement. Notts County, a club with an exceedingly long history, slips increasingly into irrelevance with seemingly little chance of finding a way back into the Football League. City neighbours, Nottingham Forest, have by comparison been quite magnificent in recent times with a young, exciting and vital team swashbuckling a swathe towards the eve of a possible promotion to the Premier League with all luck and fingers crossed. Nottinghamshire’s other team, Mansfield Town, have also recovered to have an exciting season taking them also to the brink of possible promotion the coming weekend as I write.

Where does all this leave Notts? In a dire place actually. It is difficult to see any kind of future for them that is for sure. They enjoy little media coverage these days and another generation of potential supporters is surely lost to them. The club is dying a slow and painful death.

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