November in Rufford Park, Notts

It’s a Sunday, it’s a bright, sunny and unseasonably pleasant day at the back end of the year (one of many this Autumn in Nottinghamshire). Seems like the ideal opportunity to pull the roof down on the car and take off for a bracing drive up the road for a little walk around lovely Rufford Park and Abbey.



The nice weather certainly brought lot’s of people out of their homes to make the most of an atmospheric Autumn afternoon in November. Children played happily, mums and dads enjoyed their warming hot chocolates outside the cafes. All was well.



4 thoughts on “November in Rufford Park, Notts”

  1. ‘Pull the roof down on the car’? Are you mad? It’s November you know (although, scarily – from a climate change perspective – not as cold as it should be…).

    Nice photos. I love Rufford. One of Nottinghamshire’s many beautiful, natural gems.

  2. It was extremely busy that day. People were obviously getting a fill of fresh air before the worst of the weather comes. It was only slightly spoiled by the ridiculously early Christmas tree and attendant paraphernalia.

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