Looking for Love – Gumtree style!

These are real-life insertions from a website called Gumtree from the Aberdeen area of Scotland.  The site is for classified advertisements and in one area people leave messages for members of the opposite sex that they’ve had fleeting engagements with. Who needs to observe the traditional rules of getting to know the other sex when you have Gumtree!


Gizza kiss

You – Gorgeous blonde with short, red skirt walking by herself at 2am on Rosemount Viaduct.

Me – Guy with monobrow and limp who jumped out the bushes

Didn’t mean to scare you! Fancy a coffee some time?

Aberdeen (Hilton area)

I was the one in your bedroom when you woke up, Friday Morning. You’ll know wot am talking about if it’s you lol. You were stunning even if you had just woken up 😉

Get back to me if you get this, would be good to meet again

Cheers x

Cute bus driver

Drives the new 51 service from Ellon to Aberdeen in a Megabus, I would just like to say, nice beard.

To the guy that ****** me in Liquid (club) on Friday night…

Sorry I had to go so soon, but I’m good for my word. Get in touch so I can repay the favour.




Looking for the Girl who almost broke my heart in fourth year.

You know who you are… You turned me down as you were “With someone”… I’m sure that was just a ploy as you thought I was too ugly for you…. Now apparently I’m a Swan… And well, actually, you’d still get it….

Scottish girl in O’Neil’s for the rugby, sitting on the barrel

We spoke briefly upstairs in O’Neil’s during the rugby, you were wearing a Scottish rugby top, sitting on a barrel and I was at the bar. We exchanged comments regarding your bottom.

Would be good to get in touch

Blonde girl that threw a drink over me in Charlie’s

Hi, I’d love to get to know you, even just your name would be very helpful???

Maybe if we can get to know each other a little better you could explain why you threw a drink over me, since I have absolutely NO idea who you are, or why you did it???

I did have a laugh about it, and a really good night, so I’m just confused by it all!

Anyways CHEERS! 🙂

p.s do you like Corona?

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