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I’m not sure how the city of Nottingham compares creatively in the sphere of blog writing with other similar cities. Save for Edinburgh perhaps, I haven’t the time to scour contemporary towns and their respective blogs and observe how they stack up against the output from The Lace City. I have a hunch though that Nottingham is pretty well served by it’s blogging and writing talent generally.


The Tears of a Clown is not necessarily a ‘Nottingham Blog’ by any means. I tend to just write about the subjects that interest or amuse me and the experiences I have. Nevertheless any visitor browsing through this site will come across plenty of Nottinghamshire content and I like to maintain the site’s partly local identity. In doing this I often browse around to see what my fellow Nottingham based bloggers are saying and am seldom disappointed in what I come across.

I initiated this blog site after formerly running my own regular website and posting articles on there. In June 2007 I attended a lecture at the Lowdham Book Festival given by Mike Atkinson. What I heard that day in a most entertaining and hugely informative talk by Mike, prompted me to initiate The Tears of a Clown. It’s only fitting then that I begin by linking to his own blog, troubled diva.

troubled diva

‘Without a doubt, drivel is Mike’s forte’

Don’t be fooled by the tag line, Mike Atkinson’s piece of the Web has pretty much all the things you might enjoy about a blog experience. Great content, quality writing, humour and information. Although going through a hiatus or two due to professional writing duties, it remains a vibrant and fun read, particularly if you enjoy reading about music. Features including the highlighting of other interesting articles from around the Net, Twitter and a well-populated comments section keep up the interest.

Nottingham Graffiti

‘News, views and musings from the great city’

I haven’t been reading Alan-a-dale’s blog for too long but what I see I like a lot. Lot’s of local content expressed in an individual and very readable and personable style.

Canuckistani in Limey Land

Fun, frivolity and assorted moaning about England’

Brookes, Alberta’s Rob Cutforth who bills himself as ‘A Canadian in New Basford’ is one of my favourite bloggers and whilst not hugely prolific his articles are always worth the wait. Rob no longer lives in Nottingham having moved to Manchester but posts excellent and hilarious items on the superb LeftLion website, and hard copy newspaper, here in Nottingham.

The Cat’s Whiskers

‘Proudly Supporting Ice Hockey In Nottingham’

This site is by a friend of mine and thus I’ve watched it rise from the former ashes of a former hard copy publication much beloved by Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey club’s fanatics. In this way it’s a good example of the way that paper fanzines can transform to the Net with great success. Webmaster, Jono, has recently embarked on a useful service from Panthers home (and some road) games in which he texts live game updates to the front page of the blog site. If hockey is your bag – and it certainly is mine – take a visit. You won’t be disappointed.


‘Wry food & drink observations from a friendly food obsessed man: Nottingham based writer: PHIL LOWE.’

Informative and well written local reviews from Phil with the accent on food.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer

‘Nicola Monaghan’s news, events and general thoughts about life and writing.’

I wish I had thought of that blog title..! The outstanding Nottingham writer’s contribution to blogging.


May Contain Notts


Sadly another blog that hasn’t been updated in a little while. Brush up yer Nottinghamese ‘ere mi duck!

Am tellin me mam

‘This blog contains the author’s own personal views and he will not take any responsibility for the misuse and/or misinterpretation of the material or any of the links provided here. this blog contains moaning, bitching, ranting,bullsh*t,swearing, is prone to minor perversity and huge prejudices. It is purely for informative and/or entertainment purposes. Lastly, the author has nothing to prove, and he reserves the right to be as pointless or as serious as he likes so there.’

There’s something nice and reassuring about Barnze’s postings on everyday life in Nottingham. I’d say that his journal is fairly adjacent to what people expect from a blog. Whatever you do, don’t mention cats though…!

Through the seasons before us…

‘Down through history, We will follow the Forest, On to Victory…’

Some good, meaty reading for all the online Reds fans. Any Notts blogs out there?


Nottingham Daily Photo

‘A photographic daily dose of my thoughts and what I see during the day around Nottingham, Beeston and sometimes further afield . The good, the bad and the amusing. Comments regarding the pictures are very, very welcome. You’ve looked at them, so why not say something about them! All my photographs are copyright, so please ask before poaching them and saying that they are yours.’

Take a look around the city of Nottingham with some lovely and intriguing shots of the old town.

Nottingham is Crap

Nottgirl’s intriguing title may attract some and it certainly always draws me back. I’ve observed some criticism of it’s pointing to the more negative side of Nottingham but personally feel it provides an unhealthy gathering of some of the less acceptable things about Nottingham. Unfortunately I find myself agreeing with some of the items in there all too much. It’s good to have balance and I feel that nottgirl’s site unashamedly does this.


Areet mi duck? Am I eck as like…

‘Nottingham journalist, post-40, negative equity, ‘er indoors, dead cat… time for nowt but graft.’

How could you fail with a title like that! Take a look inside…

Robin Hood Adventures

‘Robin Hood’s Adventures, Books, Films, Events and News’

Where would such a review be without the inclusion of a blog bout Robin Hood?

Views of Nottingham

As the title suggest another pictorial blog with some intriguing content. Not updated for some little time, it would be good to see some new content on this site.


Radnor’s Nottingham

‘A guide to things to do and see in Nottingham, with a sprinkling of historical fact and contemporary comment.’

An enjoyable site with lots of interest and some nice images. Very much to my taste.

Bulcote Cowbay Says

An interesting looking site from beyond Burton Joyce which appears to be in it’s infancy. Some writerly comment about local issues.


An intriguing site for sure – as is the anonymous webmaster. For the past while Questionmarc has painted Nottingham with some most acerbic and thought-provoking street art – some would say graffiti but not I. Questionmarc is reputed to be a female. I hope we never get to find out too much about her/him though and look forward to the next apparition appearing on a wall somewhere in Nottingham



‘Gossip, opinion and Westminster tales. The inside track on what your Notts MPs are up to…’

I’m personally not necessarily as political a person as I once was but here’s the lowdown on local politics written in an expert and easily digested style. It’s good to know that LOBBYDOG is watching…

Nottingham City Council LOLs

‘Want to know what your favourite local council (and some of its friends) gets up to? We trawl through all the boring minutes, press releases and Freedom of Information requests so you don’t have to.’

Another excellent, and slightly satirical ,service for those wishing to keep a close eye on what the local council are up to.

The Parish of Nottinghamshire

‘The home for all the latest stories gossip and news about the new administration at Nottinghamshire County Council.’

Another blog showing a keen interest on what happens in the hallowed halls.


‘One man’s epic quest to eat at every decent restaurant in the English City of Nottingham.’

This blog, with it’s many superb reviews, has sadly not been updated for some time but I include it for it’s useful past local content.

Nottingham Funny Normal Blog

‘Funny observations,videos, events, situations in Nottingham UK, USA and the world. Primarily centering on Nottingham. Because its a Nottingham Blog.’

Lucky Col

Dance as though nobody’s watching, love like it’s never going to hurt’

A new one on me and one that looks well worth further exploring


Beestonia’s Blog

Views from the People’s Republic of Beeston

Welcome to the Church of the Militant Elvis Party

Any blog with the words ‘Militant Elvis’ in the titles surely has to be worth a read.


Just a few words. I’ve tried to include every reasonably current Nottingham blog  I know of in this review of local sites. I’ve probably however forgotten somebody out there! The intention here is to be as comprehensive as possible so if you don’t see your Nottingham blog here please drop by and let me know, I’ll be pleased to add it to this list.


And then there were more

Just as I had hoped, there are more Nottingham blogs out there.


‘Connecting Nottingham’s Creative Communities’

I just knew there had to be a blog site like this for Nottingham out there! A professionally produced and informative focus on the various faces of the creative sources and communities around the city. I’m going to enjoy delving further into this CreativeNottingham.

‘I’m a Minneapolitan in the Midlands of England. I like to make things with my hands: drawings, dresses, poems. Mostly I write about the theory and poems I’m making these days, but sometimes I still make objects, too, and write about them.

Eireann’s blog displays her great creativity in an elegantly written, photographed and presented style.

17 thoughts on “Nottingham’s Bloggers”

  1. Thanks for the mention Stuart… and for pointing me towards some new Nottingham blogs.

  2. Thanks Susi.

    I’m glad to add your excellent blog and will be interested to take a look around it. Well done on providing an excellent focus on Nottingham’s creativity.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi, Lord Beestonia here, very flattered to find you gave me a mention. My regular readership might even double to four now, so ta very much.

    However, I must point out that Beeston is technically not in Nottingham, but rather a county suburb (and future Republic/ benign dictatorship ). Good work though, I’m proud to be in such illustrious company.

  4. Wow what a find! I never knew we had so many talented bloggers in Notts? I am looking for guest bloggers from our fair city and (if you do not mind) will contact almost all on this list in due time. Inspiring!

  5. Thank you for that, looks really interesting. I knew nothing of John and I’ll be especially interested being a Redhill resident myself.

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