Love Will Tear Us Apart

I was reminded of the song, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, recently.

I think this is a great song of its time (1980). Despite occasional general accusations of doom-laden lyrics by the group, a dark, cavernous sound, and their recurrent themes of bitterness, loss, death and sadness.

One cold winter’s morning some months ago I was walking through a local village, shivering, collar up against the cold biting wind when I heard this song being carried thinly on the frigid breeze and into my head. Unmistakably it was the sound of Joy Division, but why here?

Passing a row of small tidy cottages a crowd of busy, animated people appeared in view. Some sheltering against the wind, others industriously moving around with technical equipment. I asked two men guarding the gate of an old social club building what was happening? It was a film set and they were shooting a movie about the tragic young life of Ian Curtis, The lead singer of Joy Division. The film’s name was to be called ‘Control’ I was informed.

The movie is now appearing in various national cinemas to sympathetic reviews. It charts the life of Ian Curtis who sadly died at twenty-four years of age, a victim of suicide. Ian Curtis was a young man who pursued an interest in art, literature and ultimately music. His though was a troubled life. His lyricism spoke of his emotionally isolated state and his feelings of alienation. Sadly in the early hours of Sunday, May 18th 1980, Ian could take no more and hanged himself.

Ian Curtis 1956-1980 RIP

The Movie:

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