Hoveringham Hedgehog

Here’s a  a cute little fellow that my friend Chris and I happened across on one of our country walks in Nottinghamshire just recently. As you can see, this youngster has designs on speed and is just about to cross the central white line of Gonalston Lane between Hoveringham and Gonalston.


Just recently whilst sweeping leaves out of the garage, I unfortunately came across a deceased hedgehog which was sad to see. I can report however that our friend here’s immediate plight was a happy and safe one as Chris placed him into a ploughed field next to the road. Let’s hope he doesn’t attempt that particular crossing too often.

4 thoughts on “Hoveringham Hedgehog”

  1. Fairly regularly I used to come across hedgehogs shuttling about the streets near my house in Cambridge, sometimes in broad daylight. They were pretty unflappable little fellas – if you got too close they would just stop still and kind of keek up at you as if to say “I am in the midst of important busines, so when you are QUITE finished gawping…”

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