It was ten years ago today

It’s the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana’s untimely death in a French road tunnel and how the full of the subject is the media. This morning the two major channels covered the church service commemorating her death and of course there are thousands of words of text in the newspapers about the subject.

Does anyone tire of this scene, this mass grieving for someone most of us never met? I am ever incredulous at the supposed interest after all these years and can only assume that it is stoked up by a media who are short of genuine stories to print and broadcast. This may all sound a little harsh and certainly I’d admit to being no fan of the royal family – far from it – but I find the way that the story of her life is continuously foisted on the public to be tiresome and transparent. It’s time they let it go and it has been for a long period of time.

Most of us have lost loved ones along the way. I don’t see any vast outpouring of grief for those close to me and others who have departed – after a much harder life than the Princess’s. It was a shame when she died, time to let it go now.

2 thoughts on “It was ten years ago today”

  1. Stu, you forget the money that was made by the media during her life, they still milk it for all they can.
    Let this woman rest in peace.
    The media should concentrate on the ’cause of her death’.

  2. I agree with you, Bryan. She should be left to rest in peace. I think most of us have serious misgivings about the way the media operate.

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