Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham

‘The Trip’ as it is known locally takes its name from the crusaders who were reputed to have stopped of at the hostelry back in the middle ages. Dating back to 1189 AD, it’s argued that it’s the oldest pub in England or even the world according to some. This is debated by a couple of other pubs in Nottingham though. The argument revolves around when The Trip actually became a pub rather than the age of the building, which is not in doubt.

What is very unusual about the place is that part of the pub is hewn out of caves set at the foot of the Nottingham Castle rock. From the medieval game set in the wall of the initial downstairs bar up to the most recent bar opened from a newly opened cave upstairs, the pub reeks of history and originality. A legend surrounds the model galleon ship that sits above the upper bar in a glass case. The ship used to hang in an aperture in the cave roof for many years, smothered in cobwebs, as it was reputed that anyone touching it would come to grief, (apparently several people died, became seriously ill or suffered other misfortune).

The fact that the pub is a well-visited tourist destination does not detract from its appeal. Although unique, it still retains the feel of a good local pub. If you should find yourself in Nottingham, try not to miss this place, as it’s situated only five minutes walk away from the city’s central Old Market Square.

8 thoughts on “Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham”

  1. Ye Olde Trip is a delightful pub in spite of being a literal “hole in a wall”. I visited Nottingham in 2004 and found this an excellent lunch spot.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Pacco. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s a pretty unique place. Hope the pints were to your liking too!

  3. It was a great privilage to me that I visited the ‘trip’ in 1982 with a local Nottingham native who was a colleague of mine during a work assignment in the ‘actual’ Jerusalem.
    When he told me of the famous pub I was, needless to say sceptical, – but he stunned me when we went and I had the best time ever. I was also in the company of an Israeli girl and she also had a ball. I hope this place NEVER goes away. Coming from Glasgow it was just amazing.
    Congrats on your beautiful pub.
    Iain Porter

  4. Glad you appreciated it Iain. I still go there occasionally (and would do more often if it was on my ‘side’ of town). One of the things I like about the place is that although it’s clearly a draw for visitors and tourists, it acts very well as a ‘local’ for many people. It’s a unique place.

  5. It was my great luck to stay in Nottingham on my first trip to England -in fact to Europe- in 1989, staying with Nottie friend I met in Venezuela, my homeland. Aside from its notable history and that it’s a pub in a cave, what struck me the most about ‘The Trip’ was that it was not a tourist trap of any kind, but a true local pub with regular folks enjoying a pint or two. The only food on offer, aside from the liquid nourishment, were cobb sandwiches consisting of a single thin slice of yellow cheese between two round dry pieces of bread. Fucking brilliant.

  6. I know the Trip has been around a long time, as I used to deliver their papers 55 years ago. Used to do the whole of the Park Estate, as well. alisoncc

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