Hibs: We need patience

Well tomorrow is the date for Hibs’ latest foray into Europe to end or alternatively continue in a blaze of glory. With a first leg deficit of three goals, for me it’s extremely unlikely that it will be the latter. I like to try and be optimistic but i feel this is a challenge beyond the men from Easter Road’s reach. Already many are calling for an ‘up and at

‘em’ type display in tomorrow night’s second leg but I’m not so sure. I feel I’ve seen this type of attitude on many an occasion previously and doubt it’s worth, romantic though it sounds.

It’s clear that Hibs need to play with a lot of drive, passion, determination and tempo to give them any chance at all but I sometimes think that the ‘throwing the kitchen sink at them’ approach is outdated and limited. Many times I have seen Hibs, other Scottish sides and in particular the Scottish national side adopt this and ultimately fail. It’s fine whipping players into a near-frenzy before they step out onto the pitch, and Scottish football is particularly adept at employing this tactic, but rarely does it seem to me that this momentum can be retained throughout a game. In the case in point here, if the ‘early goal’ that people say is crucial to Hibs doesn’t materialise, heaven forbid the opposition score on a breakaway, then it can be difficult to find a Plan B from there, when the wind has been taken out of the sails and the early huffing and puffing has subsided.

I’m just wondering if a more measured approach would be more appropriate. For Hibs to play their football, keep the ball and build up some momentum and pressure. I think too much emphasis as has been placed on the ‘early goal’ could actually serve to frustrate the players and distract them from their game if it doesn’t happen. I’m quite sure the NK Maribor boss will have drummed it into his players not to concede a goal early and that this will be their first major objective of the night. Hibs have ninety minutes to score three times and take this tie further. They’re going to need a little patience in order to surmount this huge task facing them on Thursday night.

Good luck to the men in green jerseys. We’re going to need it.

2 thoughts on “Hibs: We need patience”

  1. You have a lovely line in understatement, Shell! Back on the road again last week but who knows how long it will last?

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