Some time ago I recall watching GMTV hosted by Fiona Phillips one morning, (yes I know – kill me now). In all her glory sat studio guest Cybill Shepherd looking rather strange, shrouded in a red velvet hood like Little Red Riding Hood. Cybill, “Sorry about the cape, but I didn’t have time to do my hair,” managed to confuse Fiona Phillips by her appearance. Not necessarily a difficult thing to it should be stated.

Continuing, former Vogue magazine cover girl, Cybill exclaimed in Phillips’ direction, “If you’d like a laugh I’ll take it off in a bit but it’s a little scary. I bought this cape last year and thought, ‘Someday I’m going to wear this every day of my life’. So far I’ve been in London for two days and I’ve worn it every day.”

When the interviewer joked sardonically about Shepherd, making an effort that morning, Cybill apologized and fearlessly countered with, “I don’t mean to be disrespectful. Would you like to see my jetlag hair?”

She then revealed her tied up blonde hair from underneath the hood and laughed as she released it, “Would you like me to brush it now?”

There’s a lot of material out there in the online, televised and printed media showing celebrities not necessarily at their best. Perhaps most famously, Britney Spears is managing to outdo all-comers of late but there are no shortage of contenders.

This article is not intended to join in with that. I admire Cybill Shepherd. I admire the fact that she doesn’t give a damn what people think and has the courage to go her own way – even to the extent of appearing on national TV without having her hair teased into shape over a projected period like so many ‘stars’ would. More power to you Cybill. A real woman and still gorgeous in my humble opinion

Here’s one to redress the balance…

4 thoughts on “Cybill…”

  1. I loved Cybill Shepherd when she was in Moonlighting. It’s great to see her allow the public to see how she really is!

  2. I like the fact that she seems so ‘unstarry’. Pretty on-the-ground for an actress with her history in the industry.

    Oh…and she dated Elvis as well!

  3. Yes and she told on Elvis as well! – don’t like that, a no no, my opinion.

    Am taking a look at your interesting website – no I’m not nosey – fed up of this freezing weather and wanted something worthwhile to occupy me. Christine (Jackson – Nottstalgia)

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