Four hundred, thousand views

I WAS PLEASED to note in the statistics section of the dashboard of this site that the hits The Tears of a Clown has received over 400,000 this very day.


It’s been chronicled previously (probably at 300,000 hits!) that this site began after attending a talk about blogging at Lowdham Book Festival in June, 2007. It was an incredible summer and not necessarily for the best reasons as the local villages which includes Lowdham suffered major flooding due to continued monsoon-like weather, as can be seen from this early blog on the site and as illustrated below, in the picture of a rather damp Woodborough Main Street here in Nottinghamshire:

Tales from the Ark

Main Street, Woodborough, Notts. July 2007

This site came out of the ashes of an earlier venture of a free-hosted website and therefore initially ‘borrowed’ a few of my previous scribblings that had been placed online. In around four and a half years and 397 individual posts it has gained 400,115 visits as I write, with the busiest day recorded at 1,891 hits and an average these days of around 300 views a day.

It’s been a quieter time for writing and posting of late for me personally – ‘life got in the way’ as the say. The ‘golden age’ of blogging may be seen to have passed and levelled out into a more solid, sustainable form of communication in face of the fierce onslaught of micro-blogging sites such as Twitter. The fact, however, that so many people visit this site and are invariably kind enough to say nice things about it and offer interesting contributions means that it will always be an inclination of mine to add a muse or two when time permits.

Thanks to all my visitors and friends for your continued interest and support, it is much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Four hundred, thousand views”

  1. Hi Stu,
    I don’t really get on with ‘Social Networking’, or is it that I don’t want to?; preferring myself, the humble, fluid biro and piece of paper. But, I’d like to congratulate you on ‘sticking at it’ and doing so well. Christine

  2. Thanks Christine. I thinking blogging (which I don’t count as social networking per se) has proved to be a fantastic tool for people who enjoy writing. It can be very creative.

  3. Yes Stu, you are right: blogging is creative. You may have sold me on it: it could be my answer to a huge amount of creative stuff I’ve been involved with over the years. Christine

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