Spot the deliberate mistake

A fairly ordinary image of a man proudly wearing the kilt then. It just so happens that the gent pictured is of a Heart of Midlothian persuasion and is wearing the official tartan of ‘Jongleurs FC’ but let’s face it, we all have our cross to bear. There is actually a slight problem with this apparently mediocre and ordinary picture. Something is not quite right, in fact it’s clearly very wrong. I wonder if you can detect what it is? Go ahead, have a guess…

So how did you fare then?

Did you manage to spot what the problem was with the picture?

It might not be that immediately obvious to some but for others it will be immediately obvious.

Yes, the silly fool is wearing the kilt back to front!

2 thoughts on “Spot the deliberate mistake”

  1. No a proper scotsman then eh? I am well chuffed i don’t have to wear on though as i reckon my bum would look big in one.

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