Can I turn my back, Hibs?

Well things are looking pretty grim currently for the great Edinburgh Hibernians. It seems but weeks ago when I took my last visit to EasterRoad and watched them trounce Kilmarnock 4 -0 with an extremely entertaining and emphatic display of passing, incisive football. Events now find the Hibs, manager-less after John Collins’ sudden departure and with but one victory from the last thirteen games. It’s fair to say that on the football side of things the Green Jerseys are now in free-fall.

The reasons for this decline have been and continue to be debated ad nauseum, some supporters are pro the board and blame Collins for the dip, whilst others lay the blame fair and square at the door of CEO Rod Petrie and his fellow directors for taking in around £9m from transferred players whilst only laying out a reported £340,000 to replace those players. I’m firmly in the latter camp but in the short term it seems quite simple to see what has to happen on the pitch. There appear to be glaring problems that many a lay supporter such as myself can quite easily identify.

Hibernian have too many young players and not enough experience.

This is the crux of it for me. For too long now Hibs have been trying to get away with young lads doing a man’s job. I’m very much for youth and obviously it’s been a joy watching some of the young talent emerging from Easter Road for the past few seasons but it’s allowed the club to ignore it’s obligation to bring in good experienced players who can temper and augment that youth. There is no balance between youth and experience.

Key positions have been ignored which should be the job of seasoned pros. The simple reason is purely the cost of these types of players and Hibs’ reticence in paying the price.

No overt criticism intended towards present incumbent Makalamby but Hibs needed an experienced goalie – especially with the goalie job at Easter Road being such a poisoned chalice after recent on-field tragedies between the sticks. Makalamby would have been great as an understudy.

Central defender
Preferably captain material and a physically dominant and inspirational figure in the heart of defence.

Midfield playmaker
Someone who can play in the style that Paul Lambert ex-Celtic, used to. A player who always makes himself available for a pass and one who is able to play a simple ball and keep possession. A player that can meld the side together.

Target manRod Petrie, Hibs CEO
A Mixu Paatelainen type player who understands the school of hard knocks playing up front, holding the ball and laying it off for teammates. A player who can show leadership up front and one the younger guys can look to and for.

I think I’m describing an old-fashioned spine here. It’s what most successful teams have, a sound goalkeeper, central defence and midfield and a strong spearhead up front. It’s maintained by many that these players are not available. I don’t however think we make any attempt to sign such players.

Currently I’m very apathetic towards Hibernian due to the constraints by which it is run from the top. Quite simply I think the directors have an unhealthy disregard for the paying public and that causes me dismay. I look forward to the appointment of a bright new hope of a manager coming in at the first instance. My optimism wanes however when I think of the financial restrictions he will undoubtedly have to work under.

Glory, Glory To The Hibees .

2 thoughts on “Can I turn my back, Hibs?”

  1. Stop buying those bloody season tickets now! The only thing business men have any respect for is the balance sheet. Don’t encourage them and if we have to take some pain in the meantime so be it. It can’t be much worse than the pain of watching young and inexperienced guys taking the rap for the board as the team goes into free fall.

  2. I’m finding it difficult to disagree with what you’re saying there, Gary, That’s not just because the derby today was a sore one to take either.


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