Sing it again Rod!

I was a big fan of Rod Stewart, in the seventies. His early albums had some superb stuff on them (often to the chagrin of the Faces it seemed to me as some of his best material seemed to be held back for his  solo projects at times). The Faces were one of my very favourite rock and roll bands (and still are).image

There was a big departure for Rod at the time of his leaving the group (which had become a bit shambolic it has to be admitted) and the making of Atlantic Crossing with a group of newly enrolled musicians that were more er… reliable than ‘Lanieolie’ and the rest. I think this era marked a big change in his career and what it became over the years.

I still have a more than sneaking regard for Rod but avoided the Great American Songbook stuff. It’s down to personal taste but it just wasn’t for me. It certainly was for many though. In fairness his is a very long career and it’s understandable that he (like anyone else) would like to try new things.

One of the finer things from the old days for me was in hearing Rod sing a soul classic or two, I think he’s always been pretty good at that. In the early  seventies he said he’d never try and tackle a Sam Cooke, (a great hero of his) number (which he quickly rescinded on!) On that note I’ve been deliberating whether to buy my first bit of music of his in a very long time in the new Soulbook album. The ‘For’ vote is winning just as I reckon that album and a return for Rod to some of his roots is.

He’ll still do for me. Welcome ‘back’ Rodney!

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