And Now For Something Completely Different

I really want to like some of these Monty Python reunions and various documentaries that keep getting aired on the Gold channel and elsewhere. but I’m struggling with them. I loved these guys and grew up with their amazing humour and sketches, recited the lines with pals in the school yard religiously and carried it through the teen years and beyond, like so many people.

Now it feels as though it should just be left alone. Like telling the same gag over and over but it just doesn’t ‘fit’ or feel fresh any more. Nor perhaps should it after all these years.

The re-runs are classic, ground breaking and wonderful and I’d like to make the distinction there – they always will be, the reunions though with the troop on stage in their dinner jackets hamming it up for a late pay day (and who can blame them)  seem to amuse the Python members more than me, sad to say. It feels tired and the laughter forced. There’s no shame in that I suppose – they are arguably the greatest and most innovative comedy group of all time. Indeed, it is difficult to comprehend that those genius sketches are the best part of fifty years old.

Luxury…when I were a lad…

6 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Twelve episodes of ‘Fawlty Towers’ were made and then gracefully it was left to be…a wise move. x.

  2. Hi Jane. yes, I think the fullness of time has shown that was the best plan. Funnily enough (no pun intended) my favourite ex Python’s series, ‘Ripping Yarns’ was what did it for me. It never gets mentioned in dispatches these days though.

  3. I will look for that one. Hugs for you and I hope all is going well at your end of the world? x

  4. Thanks, Jane, the same for you. Things are okay thanks. I hope you are nicely settled in to your new home and having a happy time there. x

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