Hibs: Oh, Zemmama!

AS THE DUST settles on a typical Edinburgh derby game, I couldn’t help but notice how ineffective little Moroccan midfielder, Merouane Zemmamma was. The clever and inventive link man seemed totally unsuited to the fray of a blood and guts derby encounter and at times looked little more than a passenger.

I’m normally happy to field such a player as him in the side. He’s a schemer who can unlock a defence with a clever, insightful pass or a piece of trickery on the ball. Heaven knows there are few enough of those kinds of player around these days – especially on Hibs’ budget In these times of ever more common squad rotation at football clubs I’m more than beginning to wonder if there is not a very good case for leaving him out for these occasions.

Perhaps the return of  Kevin McBride, a sturdy, dependable and organised player, alongside him will make a difference, I’m not sure. The way things stand I’ll go against my normal ‘purist’ view and state that I really think Hibs would be better served with a good, honest grafter in his place for derby games, a player who’s not afraid to get under a few people and challenge heartily for every loose ball. Zemmamma can slot neatly back into his midfield berth when the game indicates a more favourable situation for his undoubted skills.

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