Hibernian and its charitable roots

My hand is held high; yes I am a traditionalist, in many matters, but particularly in our beautiful old club.

I think it desirable to look to the future, with one eye on the past. Lessons once learnt should be held close and cherished.

The ‘oul bhoys’ should never be forgotten, they gave us this legacy, this football club, one that some us fondly believe is like no other.

One of the reasons that Hibernian is so unique in its ethos is largely because of the original good work carried out by its founding fathers, the kindly Canon and the men who stood by him as he carried out his work to help the underprivileged – those in dire need of charitable help.

hibs badge

Thoughts at this time of year inevitably go towards those less fortunate than ourselves. I thought it the best of all times to offer this as a suggestion to the people charged with and giving of their time and efforts in helping our football club survive and prosper, as it must.

As a suggestion for the relevant steering committee, whichever that might be, could we pursue a course of action towards returning to our roots in some small way? That of helping people in need? I feel it would cement the reason why we are all here supporting, loving, and yes, even fighting about this dear old club of ours, God bless us!

The return of such an ethos would bring another relevance as to why we are all Hibernians. The reason why we are all here still, after all these years, talking to each other, sometimes even from different lands, on a daily basis. Proud of the Green and White in our hearts.

Of course the first thought on this might well be ‘what does that do for the club?’ I could attempt to answer that by saying it would give Hibernian a better profile and all of those associated types of things, and that, I feel, would be true. To state that it would again return us to our ‘uniqueness’ would also perhaps be equally true. There would be benefits for the club, of that I have no doubt.

Most of all though we would be doing something for others that need help – the truest and most important concept of Edinburgh Hibernian Football Club. I can think of no finer tribute.

Erin Go Bragh

hibs harp

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