Bird Flu…again?

It seems as though never a week pases by without reports of a new strain of some deadly animal virus breaking out. Just recently two worrying news items covered alleged foot and mouth outbreaks in southern England whilst ‘blue tongue’ is now a new phrase on some people’s lips (if not their tongues).

I have to wonder if some of these reports are overblown. Certainly after the widespread outbreak of foot and mouth a few years ago it’s understandable but we need to be careful about spreading hysteria uneccessarily. Bird flu is supposedly yet another ‘worry’ but what is the fuss with all this bird flu pandemic thing exactly, that’s what I want to know? Honestly one whiff of a problem and the media are all over it and the people are panicking like crazy. Deary, deary me.

A couple of my mates had it and fully recovered without any problems…

– They’re pictured below.


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