Really, who would be a football fan? I note that local team, Notts County today had a 3pm fixture away at Dover which is approximately an eight-hour return journey. Notts contacted the home club at midday and were told there were ‘no concerns’ and no pitch inspection due. This was communicated in good faith by the club via Twitter to its travelling fans.

Not much over an hour later, the match referee calls the game off with an ‘unplayable’ waterlogged pitch. An unfruitful (and expensive) journey for those fans and a pretty much a waste of a precious Saturday.

This follows a very similar occurance for that club recently. Football clubs are often culpable for treating their lifeblood – the support – with complete disdain and disrespect at times. No wonder I personally don’t go to nearly as many live games as I used to do.

2 thoughts on “Postponed!”

  1. As an ‘exiled’ Notts fan I sympathise with those who have made the long journey. I hope that the pitch is not waterlogged with the tears of travelling fans. Notts supporters have shed many of those over the past 60 years or more!

  2. Haha you’re spot-on there Dave! It’s not very encouraging to fans who want to travel to support their team is it. Apparently, even the home team’s fans in this case seem to think it’s pretty much a disgrace too and that it could have been called off last night.

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