Waiting on a Plane

We hear of many people at this time considering investing in foreign travel. It’s understandable that people, many trapped largely in their homes over the past year would like to break out into the world again. I feel similar too and at the same time feel it quite unwise to get ahead of oneself and charge ahead with concrete plans. Something we’ve witnessed through the pandemic and in myriad ways is the unexpected happening. There has been a false dawn or two, that is for sure.

Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy (Image: Benvenuto Travel)

Now we are informed of the possibility of a third wave. I would be interested to hear more about how a new strain and other threats mooted might circumvent the excellent progression of our vaccination levels. History tells me there are always twists and turns in this story possible.

There are so many variables surrounding international travel in the near future including that country’s accessibility and changing restrictions. I myself will need to continue patiently waiting for my plan to visit Italy to unfold, indeed, there may be no option offered to visit that beautiful country and it may be out of my hands. I understand though how to be happy and content with the small pleasures that may be on the way such as seing friends, having a pint or two, maybe even getting to a football match, that type of thing. I find it hard to underestimate how enjoyable it will be to welcome these things back and to open our lives back into the world after what feels like such a long time.

In general, we need to learn from the lessons of being patient and measured that the pandemic has so harshly tought us and to think accordingly.

3 Replies to “Waiting on a Plane”

  1. I can see that people seem quite split on the subject, Jane. For what it’s worth, I think more and more people are coming to the conclusion that international travel this year may not be desireable or even possible

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