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Edinburgh Summer Diary: Day Three

A run at Portobello seems the most apt start to the day once more. I smile when passing the public bathrooms at Joppa noticing that the water in the block is heated by solar power. Good old Edinburgh, in spite of what some may think I still believe it leads the way in quite a few areas of thinking and planning.

Back home refreshed, I veer towards a plan to enlarge my ever-increasing supply of available reading matter. This means a visit to West Port near the infamous ‘Pubic Triangle’ to take in a several second-hand book stores.

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An Edinburgh Birthday Tale

A landmark birthday then (twenty-nine again) and it was decided at a late stage that this should entail a sojourn up north back to the homeland. Where better to spend a weekend without spending the equivalent of the national debt on enjoying oneself with a little mild hedonism for a couple of days?

Four of us ‘to go’ then. beginning at the testing time of Friday at five-ish on the M1 motorway. At least I think it was the M1 as it was completely obscured by a mocking, snaking train of stationary rear view lights as far as the eye could ascertain. Oh the joy, and a quickly disappearing vision of some semblance of a very welcome evening spent in the social coil of Edinburgh.

No matter.

I’ve actually never struggled to leave Nottinghamshire as much as I did last Friday night. After fully two and a half hours we were merely sampling the delights of Blythe services around 30 miles north. What fun circumnavigating those plastic cones in a darkened services car park though. An unmissable experience. Continue reading

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