Making Study a Reality

This morning saw me heading off to the University I study at for a job interview regarding a part-time position within the student support department. Ten o’clock was the time in my mind as I got myself together after another poor night’s sleep and headed in on the ever more sluggish Trent bus into the city.

Of course many would identify with the odd butterfly in these circumstances but truly I find this less and less over the years. I’m sure this is the result of experience which includes quite a bit of public speaking, exam preparation and meeting many new people through classes and meetings within the Higher Education system. Additionally when you’ve had to face up to brand new classes of thirty-odd children working as a temp in teaching it tends to prime you for the worst. Speaking to an interview panel of three people seems relatively relaxing!

The position(s) advertised were for a Disability Support Worker. The main duties include going into lectures with students who have disabilities and writing their notes for them. This can be people with dyslexia, hearing or visual impairments and other disabilities.

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