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Canada ’08: The Kelowna Daily Courier – Annie’s Mailbox

I came across this outstanding contribution to ‘Annie’s Mailbox’ in the Daily Courier this morning and just had to share. Don’t you just love those ‘Agony Aunt’ columns – places where you can read of the bizarre happenings in others’ lives. It’s a neat little downward social comparison. You can be most thankful it’s not you in there.

The following lady has encountered a problem with her neighbour who she describes as ‘the Stud’. The elderly lady writing in receives some good, down-home advice as usual from Kathy Mitchell and Marcy, – ‘longtime editors of the Ann Landers column’.

“DEAR ANNIE I have a problem with my next-door neighbor. He is a retired man, very religious, and when he talks to me, he’s forever adjusting his you-know-what.

It is so embarrassing that I don’t even want to say hello to him. He is 62 and has a lovely wife. I am in my 80s. Do you suppose he has a medical problem? Or does he think he’s giving me a thrill? How can I let him know his actions are repulsive? – Not interested in the Stud.”


“DEAR NOT INTERESTED: For the sake of being a good neighbor, you should ask if he has a medical problem. The next time this happens, say with a straight face and great concern, “You ought to have that checked. It could be serious.” Or you can tell his wife that you are worried about the constant scratching and he should see his doctor. Since you are only discussing his health the mortification will be minimal.”


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Canada ’08: The Kelowna Daily Courier

I check out the local paper frequently here in Kelowna. In truth I really enjoy Canadian newspapers but rarely find the time to inspect them too closely on my stays over here. I love the style of all those different sections to peruse, it’s so expansive, so I really must find more time to do this.

Here’s a couple of interesting stories I noticed over a quick breakfast read yesterday morning. The former is not in fact a Canadian story but nevertheless a North American article which could not be passed over. The second one is from Kelowna, BC. Canada, and might well stay in the consciousness a little longer…

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