Down in the Forest

It’s been many a long Winter since I’ve ventured into the environs of Nottingham Forest’s City Ground for a game. So long in fact that on my last visit, Forest were in their pomp and nigh on unbeatable under Brian Clough and Peter Taylor. It was with curiosity then that I ventured back, Trentside after so long away, being keen to take in the many changes over the years that would inevitably be evident.

My friend and I parked up early and some way from the ground in the ‘enemy territory’ of Meadow Lane – close to the home ground of Nottingham rivals Notts County. As we walked over River Trent via the Lady Bay Bridge it reminded me of the days when there was little to call between each of the two club’s teams. That was before Brian Clough and Peter Taylor came along and indelibly left their mark on Nottingham history.


The City Ground, Nottingham

Early we were with the intention of a couple of pre-game drinks. We chose The Larwood and Voce Tavern situated in the magnificent Trent Bridge International Cricket Ground nearby. Cutting down Fox Road behind the impressive new stand, views became apparent of the superb interior of the cricket ground which somehow manages to look both traditional and modern at the same time. The Larwood and Voce Tavern, named after the famous pair of Notts and England fast bowlers is very popular for a pre-match drink for many fans. Apart from the predictable plastic ‘glasses’, it’s a very acceptable and good natured venue before the game. Continue reading “Down in the Forest”

Remembering Brian Clough

When I think about football in this city my thoughts inevitably go to some of the great names over the years. I’m old enough to have watched the game with Joe Baker, John Robertson and Peter Shilton et al on the red side of the city. Jimmy Sirrel, Don Masson and others on the black and white side. My thoughts never linger long however before dwelling on the eighteen years that Brian Clough graced the Lace City with his overpowering presence. It’s a little while since his unfortunate passing but those happy memories linger. His memory very much lives within most true football fans and many non-fans too. Reading the various tributes to Brian at the time of his sad passing, it’s obvious that he had a special place in many football lovers’ hearts. Continue reading “Remembering Brian Clough”