A Pfizer Vaccine

I had my first vaccination dose today at Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre as a health and social care worker. Extremely well organised by cheery and excellent staff from beginning to end. It was the Pfizer version.

May be an image of text that says "I'VE HAD MY COVID VACCINA VACCINATIO"

Ushered in, given a surgical mask to replace my own face covering.

Joined a ten-minute socially-distanced queue obeying a marked out floor.

First desk took my NHS number and evidence of status.

Second desk, a health professional asked a few rudimentary health questions.

Directed straight in for the jag. Very quick and painless.

Next desk to make second appointment in 12 weeks.Asked to sit in a waiting area for five minutes and time myself before letting myself out.

Arrived home and no reaction at all (as yet) after six hours.

I’ve not been out of the house nor spoken to anyone much face to face in a good while due to working from home and I was beginning to feel slightly threadbare. Therefore, it felt inspiring and galvanising, stepping out in the world a little once more and seeing the faces and the positive, cheerful and indomitable attitude of the NHS staff in the vaccination unit.

I thanked each one profusely. You are all greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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