Shopping In Safety

I’ve been reading of a few peoples’ negative experiences of shopping in supermarkets and am genuinely curious to understand why some people who feel the need to persist with it, given the dangers from poor behaviour in those environments.

(Image: Aleš Čerin)

The current time, I feel, is very reminiscent of how things felt back in late March and April, quite threatening. At that time I decided to move online for my food shopping. This was prompted by a couple of necessary Sainsbury’s visits that felt distinctly uncomfortable. It wasn’t the queueing to get in, it was the ridiculous behaviour of people in the store – remember this too was pre-masking wearing for most people.

Even then, when it felt a little scary and unpredictable, people were pushing past and reaching over each other and hardly anyone was observing social distancing. it was like a group social at times with assemblies of people stopping for a chat and blocking aisles, people were visiting in family groups, handling goods and putting them back. Queues for the checkout were a joke, also with no soial distancing.

I felt very insecure and actually couldn’t wait to get home.

Since that time, I haven’t needed to go to any supermarket and it’s been online all the way for nine months now. At times it hasn’t been easy to find a delivery slot, especially in the early days and pre-Christmas but I set to understanding how best to do it.

Warehouses are being opened by supermarkets now which are not open to the public and specifically for pickers to prepare your order. That’s also potentially a few less pairs of mitts on your groceries.

For those who have concerns as i do, i would urge you to give it a shot. I will not be going back to going in supermarkets any time soon, or at all.

A few pointers from my own experiences:

Open accounts in all the supermarkets accessible to you

Log on each day and spend a few minutes locating a slot

Be prepared to have a delivery at an unsociable hour, these are cheaper or free and more readily available

Think ahead and have two or three deliveries on the go at a time, update the contents/delivery date as you get nearer the time

The last slot of the day (22.00-23.00) is sometimes free will often come much earlier if you’re home when they call.

It gets easier and quicker, Favourites folders will show all the regular things you tend to buy.

You can see exactly how much you’re spending

You can quickly see what the current offers are.

If you agree to sustitutions and they’re more expensive supermarkets will give you a refund. If you don’t want the replacements simply hand them back to the delivery person.

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