A Night In…

It’s early days to be fair but television’s response to people having to stay home has been pretty lukewarm in my view. Reading of plans to bring extra entertainment to Saturday night vewing saw the BBC that they were going to announce repeats of ‘Gavin & Stacy’.

Really? Is that typical of the BBC’s conception of adding extra pizzazz to our screens?


Another example is that of ‘Match of the Day’ being replaced by ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Live’. I’m no fan of the former with it’s dreary presenters but what kind of insane decision is it to replace it with that absolute garbage, ‘jokes’ out of a Christmas cracker and all. I appreciate they’ve had to have second thoughts since the outcry.

Perhaps the TV companies have decided that we are a captive audience and that they don’t really need to try to schedule decent quality viewing for that reason. If so, they really are not helping in a difficult situation.

5 Replies to “A Night In…”

  1. Over the last few years I have found myself watching less and less live TV, until last year the TiVo broke and I found I didn’t miss it at all. So much of it just seemed like drivel. So I cancelled my cable TV altogether. Now I watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube when I feel like it. The ratio of good stuff to mind-numbing dross feels quite a bit better.

  2. I can’t disagree, Jo. I find with most forms of entertainment etc., including social media, that if I give them up for a while i don’t feel any great sense of loss. More and more I find myself listening to the radio and podcasts rather than trying vainly to find something decent to view on the TV. YouTube I find a good option too, cabling old music, sports and comedy stuff into the TV. I just felt there might be a really strong response from the BBC and other broadcasting companies to fill in the gap that people are inevitably feeling in their lives under isolation. I’m a little surprised at the particularly lame response so far.

    Take good care

  3. That is disappointing to hear. You’d hope that a group like the BBC would step up to the plate. I’ve volunteered to teach the children of keyworkers over the easter holidays without any additional pay if I’m deemed fit enough and my sister, a nurse, is working really really hard. All over the place people are going above and beyond what is expected but, from what you say the BBC is just “meh”.

  4. I’m really surprised. I really thought the BBC and others would be very proactive about the situation and line up a really interesting and entertaining package of programming as a reaction the the situation. No signs as yet, a thirty-minute set of old Peter kaye sketches is not much of a response really. Good for you regarding the volunteering, an excellent thing to do which will have benefits for all concerned. For me, well I’m quite happy that I’m a key worker, operating from home with an opportunity to support others as per usual. It might just be a life saver for me too.

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