‘Sir’ Geoffrey Boycott

Ex-cricketer, Geoff Boycott is awarded a knighthood by the recently departed Tory leader. I’m no fan of the honours system and here we see a particular beastly example of it. Boycott was found guilty just over twenty hears ago of beating his partner, Margaret Moore and received a three-month suspended prison sentence plus a fine of 50,000 francs.


Margaret Moore after the 1996 attack

The court was told of him punching his partner twenty times with Boycott’s story being that she’d had an ‘accidental fall’.

We have to consider if the subject of domestic abuse is still not taken seriously. 

To give a further insight into this man’s character, in 2017, when asked about his prospects of gaining a knighthood he commented that he would be more likely to be given the award if he ‘blacked up’. He then bluntly stated that knighthoods were given to West Indian cricketers such as Sir Garfield Sobers and Sir Vivian Richard ‘like confetti. (Clue: they were much better and less selfish cricketers than you mate).

I had a brief experience of Boycott a lot of years ago as a youngster. After leaving school I had a job at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground for a few months. Part of my duties on match days were to go out on to the pitch at the end of the session and ask the batting team whether they would like the light or heavy roller to be used on the wicket before the next session. I remember Boycott’s slightly threatening response to this simple and unassuming question: ‘I want the heavy roller and I want the full f**king seven minutes lad.’

I mean really, to a sixteen year-old kid?

Compare this say to gentleman, Clive Lloyd, the West Indies captain’s response: ‘The heavy roller please young man, thank you very much’.

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