Social Media And The United Kingdom 2019

What an ignorant and disgusting cesspit social media has become. Certainly a reflection of what this country has developed into – a place I increasingly despise for so many reasons. Division, selfishness, self-serving politicians and their hideous believers. Good friends becoming former friends due to their beliefs. I do believe this country is all but done too. It will never be the same again.


As for the former, I’m seriously considering distancing myself from the friction and negativity of social media generally. Not a plea for comment or opinion, seriously, just an observation of the reality of the situation and the experience. I feel other ways of spending one’s time are becoming more attractive than trawling through the garbage spewed up constantly through this type of media.

Sorry, it just had to be said.

Of course we are all allowed out own opinions on major issues, that’s a given but I find the cowardly and aggressive way these views are often expressed through the medium of social media a little pathetic.

I’m not sure what the exact answer is as I would also greatly miss talking to friends that I can’t normally enjoy the company of. I am thinking that the way we manage and interact with social media is key. Having said that I walked away from it for a few weeks not long ago and didn’t miss the habit of it at all.

I think a problem generally is the invasive and provocative nature of reading things on social media that we violently disagree with in principle – that even offend our personal code of conduct and what is ‘right’, moral and honourable in life. In ‘real’ life it’s likely that we wouldn’t keep the friendship or even be acquainted with such individuals that we might consider as having what we discern as despicable views.

I have a general premise for my thoughts on this overall subject. Evolving over a long period of time, through both professional and personal learning, I have come to extol these and attempt to practice much of the thinking around Positive Psychology. I find it directs me towards a more content life. Increasingly, as a part of that, I refuse to let the constantly negative that surrounds us be part of my own thinking, especially as regards individuals who behave and communicate such views. This is not a ‘Pollyanna’ way of thinking but more about understanding what things contribute to the ‘good life’ and what things subtract from it. The latter I increasingly see social media as exemplifying.

2 Replies to “Social Media And The United Kingdom 2019”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Stuart. And it’s not just social media but the anti-social use of mobile phones and their ilk. I have a phone but don’t use it like a baby’s dummy over a meal out or when walking through the street. Not to mention the fact that correct spelling, punctuation and grammar has long ceased to be an asset. No wonder there’s so little interest in learning other languages; many of us are incapable of speaking English, know worra mean.

  2. Dave, thanks for your comments.I agree with your further points there. Regarding mobile phones, like many, I use them regularly, indeed I need to for work purposes, frequently but they have become damaging in numerous different ways. On a surface level, it’s quite depressing to see whole groups of people congregated, ignoring each other whilst gazing at their phones. Living a virtual life is no substitute for the real experience.

    I’ve made comment myself recently about the breakdown of spelling, punctuation and grammar standards. I’m by no means snobbish about this subject even though I’m a former proofreader of many years. One that no doubt even spells things incorrectly myself sometimes. My concern is that a lot of what people write is now becoming unintelligible – to the point where I don’t bother trying to comprehend any more. Many people don’t really care either. Surely the reason we have these standards is so that we can all easily understand each other. Social media leads the way in (often) hideously comical conceptions of how to spell some words. It didn’t used to be this way for people with a good basic state education. I don’t remember one single contemporary who on leaving school, couldn’t read and write properly. Even the most modest student wouldn’t produce the absolute tripe that we read daily nowadays. An irony I feel is that the correct spelling for practically everything is easily accessible on the internet through our phones et al.

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