That’s Entertainment

Interested reading about the nearby local community of Arnold. The town, although only a short journey to Nottingham was traditionally quite self-sufficient and separate from Nottingham through its history in areas such as employment, retail, sport and entertainment. Regarding the latter, the town owned, among other venues, the Drill Hall – still extant and used for other purposes in these days.


The Drill Hall, Arnold, Nottingham
(Image: Peter Barr)

Formerly, the Drill Hall would feature a variety of entertainments for the people of the town and it’s this in particular that took my interest. I’m imagining the era we’re referring to is certainly mid-20th century around the 1940s. How about a Saturday night bill reputedly packed with some of these performers of the day? I’m particularly enamoured of the idea of Mr B Blunt who married the art of playing the mouth organ and swinging clubs all in one act. I’m going to call that a value for money performance.

John Colman – Female Impersonator.
Dorothy L. Barlow, Humorous Monologues
Cadet R. Newton – Imitator
Mr B. Blunt – Mouth organ and Club Swinging
Mr L. Watts – Yodeller
Keith Hoskins – Xylophonist
Cadet F. Bull – Ventriloquist.

Makes an evening over a couple of pints at your local Wetherspoon outlet seem a bit tame doesn’t it?

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