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Nottingham Railway Station Alight

Sincere thanks to the wonderful firefighters and other agencies of Nottingham and neighbouring areas that bravely fought the devastating fire at Nottingham Railway Station today for fully twelve hours. The fire is thankfully, now extinguished.

The ‘Midland’ Station as we used to call it is a fine and historic building which serves 16,400 commuters every weekday. Barely four years ago it was the subject of a £50m refurbishment which left it looking better than I’d ever seen it. So sad to see some of this work cruelly undone.


As the fire began early in the day, reputedly in a ladies toilet, there were few commuters around and we can be thankful that no one is reported hurt.

The latest report indicates an arson attack. I hope the people of Nottingham hold together against the kind of element that causes this disruption and destruction of what is still a fine city with a great and storied heritage.


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  1. Hi Stuart: keep up the great blog! Any plans to podcast or produce some print?

    Comment by signsofanopencity | February 8, 2018

  2. Hi there, thanks and the same to you too. No real ambition to create podcasts though print sounds more interesting, given the opportunity. In among various other stuff been trying too raise a bit more inpsiration to write more regularly!

    Comment by Stuart | February 9, 2018

  3. I want to make a handprint of the header I use and then use it on the blog…and produce some art from the work I do on the blog maybe…

    Comment by signsofanopencity | February 10, 2018

  4. It sounds very creative and your blog is very visually pleasing. Go for it!

    Comment by Stuart | February 10, 2018

  5. Thanks Stuart: good luck to you too though and keep on developing your thoughts and ideas….

    Comment by signsofanopencity | February 11, 2018

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