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Snow Days

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What is going on with this snow reaction these days,really? Tuning into to a local radio station today, they are issuing ominous warnings and instructions similar to if there is going to be a war on or a disaster zone tomorrow. They provide a ‘hot line’ to the travel companies, the utility companies, school closures and so on.

The local newspaper too warns us that along with the normal disruption:

There’s a ‘good chance’ that rural communities could become cut off.

There’s a ‘potential risk’ to life and property

Along with an extensive emergency kit in our cars we are to take sunglasses due to ‘winter glare’

I do take heavy snow seriously and also understand full well its dangers, particularly to the more vulnerable who I have great sympathy with, having spent plenty of winter stretches in Canada with serious blizzards and snowfall (by the way, there is no adequate and full preparation to the type of winter conditions they experience in my humble opinion, as people elsewhere always seem to think). I feel though that there is a certain amount of sensationalising these situations here in the UK which helps nobody.

Time to calm this stuff down, report the facts and stop spreading panic


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  1. My family came through the 1947 and 1963 ‘real’ snow years and survived to tell the tale. 1 day off school in 1947 (snow closed over my head that day so allowed to stay home) and courting in 1962/3 living in opposite sides of Nottingham so that was a cold time! Nowadays, a slight flurry sends panic through the country. My youngest son moved to Toronto, Canada area four years ago and the first winter they had temperatures of -40 with windchill. Again my son went to work each day and the grandchildren didn’t miss school. They all thought that -40 was the norm so have been quite happy with warmer winters since then. Put another sweater on and take care when walking and driving…..

    Comment by Nina Terry | December 9, 2017

  2. Thanks for your comments, Nina. I fully agree with your sentiments. I’ve experience of Alberta and other provinces in Canada with similar conditions to what you describe. People tend here to dismiss it with a ‘ah well, but they’re prepared’. That’s true to some extent but as my point above, not all atrocious conditions in that and similar countries can be accounted for, they need stoicism, common sense and sometimes even a little luck.

    Sounds like you, rather like me, are a little tired of the hysteria these days. I went to school through the 1960s/1970s and don’t recall losing one day at school, nor one day at work in over 40 years working since.

    Comment by Stuart | December 9, 2017

  3. I think this carrying on whatever weather or life throws at you came from our parents and hopefully we try to pass it on to our next generation.

    Comment by Nina Terry | December 10, 2017

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