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Five Songs for Five Days: It’s Too Bad – The Jam

I unashamedly spend some regular time on Facebook, keeping in touch with friends, having a little fun and exchanging information. Amongst others, I was recently asked to post up five songs over five days that were particular favourites and decided to do this and add a few words along the way to accompany them.

Like others I’d find it a thankless, if not impossible task to name my definitive five songs of all time so quickly lost that notion in favour of five I’m rather fond of recently and would be likely to listen to on my iPod today.

Here we go with the first one:

Day One of Five: It’s Too Bad – The Jam

I’ll give this a go. I won’t try to pick my five favourites – that’s too hard – but rather one or two top picks and other’s I’d like to hear at this precise moment. I’ll try to say something about them too.

On side two of ‘All Mod Cons’ by The Jam this appeared in the shops in 1978 when I was at somewhere around my vinyl record buying ‘peak’. Straight down to Selectadisc or the seminal small Virgin store in Nottingham every Friday, wages in pocket after work and wading through the exciting New Wave and Punk 45s and prepare for the weekend which would be full of music.

There are so many great Jam tunes and on much of their output Paul Weller showed what an uncommonly mature writer he was for his fairly tender age. The harmonies of this song and the ringing Rickenbacker sounds provide the perfect backdrop for the pathos of Paul’s lyrics of the futility and yearning for a lost love. Haven’t we all done that?



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  1. Hi Stu, when I was a teenager, my “Bessie” and I had a long running, albeit friendly, battle between us about who was better – The Jam, or The Police. I’m afraid I was cheering for The Police but always secretly enjoyed Paul and the boys! Several of their tracks are on my ipod, but interestingly, none of The Police’s…
    One of my very favourite tracks these days is Sun Grazers which Paul Weller did with Kate Rusby. I never tire of listening to it, I think it’s got a beautiful melody.

    Comment by Linda Hodgkin | January 13, 2015

  2. Hi Linda, I loved those sort of arguments back in the day – who was the best guitarist etc – it seemed so important at the time. I also liked The Police at that time and went to see them at…wait for it…Rushcliffe Leisure Centre no less. Pretty amazing really, ‘Roxanne’ was out at the time.

    I think you’re right, Linda. In my own humble opinion I reckon The Jam’s songs have lasted the test of time a little better. Paul Weller was an incredibly mature writer as well for a young guy of around 19 years. All great stuff. x

    Comment by Stuart | January 13, 2015

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