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Bestwood – My Evening Paradise

It’s ‘Flaming June’ 2014 version and my local running spot at nearby Bestwood comes into its own on these beautiful, sunny and relaxed evenings. Nominated as a country park a good few years ago, it will always be plain old ‘Bestwood’ to me. A stretch of the old Sherwood Forest which lies but a few minutes from where I live, that is satisfyingly accessible.

HTC2 793

In truth, I love the place at all times of year. The former royal hunting estate and retreat of many a notable over hundreds of years of history looks gorgeous when coated in a thick layer of snow for instance. Spring has its own translucent green freshness whilst some might say Autumn is the richest time of all with its crispy, golden leaves and paths laden with chestnuts. It’s the dog days of summer that most appeal to me though as I trot along the dry, dusty paths bordered by lush green fields and thick forestry of Oaks, Chestnuts and Birch to name but a few of the ancient trees. I’ve been coming here a long time and I still love it. It is the green lung of the residential suburb where I live.

HTC2 794

Within a few moments in this place, I forget the hardships of the day and wind down with copious amounts of invigorating fresh air, the sound of skylarks and lapwings and the sight of an isolated walker or horse rider. The air at this time of year smells sweet and highly scented with the delicate fragrances of the old hedgerows. It is the perfect tonic and antidote to the stresses of the day.

HTC2 792

The sun finally sets over Bestwood, it is time to return home.

HTC2 791


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  1. Hi Stuart

    I haven’t stopped by for a while. I love the latest little blog with a few photographs. You’ve managed to sum up, well, everything that is summer. It just goes to show – less is often more. Much more.

    All the best Sir.


    Comment by Peter Davey | June 22, 2014

  2. Thanks Peter and thanks also for dropping in. I hope you too are enjoying your summer in some nice places.


    Comment by Stuart | June 22, 2014

  3. Hi Stu, Love the country park, but don’t recognise the area in your lovely photos. Can you tell me where they were taken?i

    Comment by Ian Lambert | August 1, 2014

  4. Hi Ian, glad you have a similar love of the place. I took these pics around the Lamin’s Lane area. You probably know where that is but if you don’t it’s the little road that leads up from the A60 at Redhill near Lakeside up towards Surprise View or Killarney Park as it’s now known.


    Comment by Stuart | August 1, 2014

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