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Stop Press…The Nottingham Post in new website shock!

At times I struggle with the local media here in Nottingham for a few reasons. A bugbear of mine is the former Nottingham Evening Post, now simply termed The Nottingham Post after a change of the daily publishing time (note: leave the title and history reaching back to 1878 alone, guys, we can handle it, honestly). I’ll pass over for a moment, some of the Colonel Blimp-type reader’s submissions to the comments section of stories, the loud blaring music that fires up sometimes unexpectedly on opening a page with a news story and even the incredibly trivial ‘stories’ which sometimes feature

A snip today then from the new-look Nottingham Post website (click for actual size, yes really). Previous incarnations of the site have been seriously poor but this one is laughably bad. Perhaps they imagine that people in Nottingham need something akin to a learn-to-read book for a five-year old for their local newspaper?

Stop press…must do better.



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  1. F*** me, Stu, that is truly tragic. What an utter calamity of a website. No offence intended but it was clearly designed BY and FOR the partially sighted. Aside from the type size, I particularly noted the alternation of two police symbols to represent about half a dozen different crime stories, sometimes giving the impression that the Police were themselves implicated in the commission of the crime in question. Genius.

    I presume the print version is something of a travesty these days as well?

    Comment by Fraser | May 24, 2013

  2. Haha! Hi Fraser, unbelievably bad isn’t it! It has to be a contender for one of the worst- designed websites ever. The paper version is poor in many respects as you might suspecf. The boffin that designed the previous incarnation inlaid a system where the public could submit comments which would then appear on the site’s front page. Hours of fun! Highly confusing to the average Post reader though. 🙂 Judging by this dog’s dinner we are in the wrong jobs!

    Comment by Stuart | May 24, 2013

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