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Happy Birthday – The Proclaimers

IT’S A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY to Craig and Charlie Reid, also known as The Proclaimers. Born in Leith and variously brought up in Edinburgh, Cornwall and Auchtermuchty in Fife. The twins now have a long and distinguished career behind them with their first hit being the song below, Letter from America, back in 1987 which peaked in the number three slot in the best-selling charts. Their debut album, This is the Story went Gold in the same year.

Letter from America is still my favourite (amongst many memorable Proclaimers songs over the years. I Remember at the time my now departed cousin in Bathgate, West Lothian, asking if I had heard this new song by the newly emerging duo as they mentioned Bathgate in it, referring to the hammer blow to the town of the British Leyland factory closing. I still have a lot of time for Bathgate – good people, my own people, and still feel the warmth of the welcome I received there over the years.

Letter from America–The Proclaimers

There is still a strong message for Scotland in this song through its reflections of the long emigration history of Scots leaving their own land to escape economic depression and hardship to the ‘New World’ of Canada and America. The song also subtly interweaves the story of Scotland’s Highland Clearances when the country’s crofters were forcibly evicted in whole communities by wealthy landowners in order to replace them with more the profitable rearing of sheep. Those lands still weep for their lost people though happily, goodness endured through their new and significant lives for them and particularly their predecessors, in North America and other lands

Dedicated to Alex Frew.


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