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The Boxing Day Walk

It’s been a year or two since I indulged in the tradition but this year ventured with family out on a reasonably nice early afternoon for a walk at the local Bestwood Country Park. Parking on a country lane near Killarney Park, we alighted and strode down the hill through the neat retirement homes before stepping into Crimea Wood. The woodland was as lovely as ever but of late battered by record annual rainfall. Walking under the canopy of trees and russets underfoot we emerged above the old sand quarry with it’s dizzying heights and for the first time I remember, water lying in the basin at the bottom. Times are changing.


Over yonder on the horizon stood Newstead and Annesley whilst nesting below in the distance sat former mining town Hucknall with it’s proud Rolls-Royce factory signage and own aerodrome runway.

We drew nearer to Alexandra Lodge’s arch which has stood in the old hunting estate as a gatehouse since 1875 as families having their Christmas constitutional passed along the way. Presently we reached the stately Bestwood Lodge Hotel, in my youth an army camp headquarters possessing a long and distinguished history, now preserved for guests and casual visitors. Bestwood Lodge has a fine lounge with an huge open fireplace complete with roaring fire. In the corner stood a huge Norwegian Fir, festively decorated.


With our warming teas and biscuits taken, we headed for the imposing front doors for the walk back to the car only to find the winter reverting to type with a downpour outside in the woods. A soggy, soaking paddle back to the car completed the walk but once all home to a nice warming fire place, dry clothes and hot drinks, all was well.


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