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Hibernian 2012/13: Optimism?

A recent question on the Hibees Bounce forums queried how optimistic the Easter Road faithful were feeling with just four weeks to go until the coming season is upon us. In some ways it was pleasant to see that some optimism still abounds but to temper that, I tried to imagine where that optimism is coming from?

I’ll be very happy to be optimistic when there is something concrete to be optimistic about. I won’t base optimism on blind wishing and hoping. Steps forward may or may not happen over the next few weeks but until then, what I see is a requirement for an almost total rebuild of the playing squad.

To balance matters, it’s great to have James McPake back and let’s be hopeful about the other two signings.

James McPake

Much will depend on the inspirational figure of captain, James McPake

The recent statement attributed to Manager, Pat Fenlon but clearly not written by him did nothing to make me feel hopeful. I fear the club’s attitude at the top has not changed. Stating to the club’s supporters that if they come out in numbers to buy season tickets the club will then buy a player or two will not work – especially after one of the biggest maulings and humiliation’s that the club has ever had in its long history back in the cup final in May. That’s a hard fact they have to address, claims of no funds or not. It still hurts, Mr. Petrie – we didn’t just forget and it went away…

It’s not all about spending money Hibs apparently do not have – I’d take an optimistic view if a few youngsters started getting a game and doing well. I understand that was difficult for Fenlon in a relegation battle last season but it’s a situation that goes further back.

Hibs SERIOUSLY need the very best goalkeeper we can acquire. The question over the most important position in the team – particularly for the Hibs and the state they’re in, is long overdue being addressed.

To sum up, its early days. I’m looking forward to those that run the club proving my slight cynicism, built up over a long period wrong. They have an awful long way to go to do that at the moment after the past few seasons and in particular the debacle of the whole of last season and its final capitulation.

As stated previously, I’d very much like to be wrong.

This club needs some different thinking – in every area – especially at the top.



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