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Your favourite flower?

I saw this question posed on an internet forum today and it made me think a little. For me, trying to decide which is your favourite flower is almost like asking who is your favourite friend – an almost impossible task.

I like Rhododendrons and Begonias in the garden. The former’s link with nature’s woodland and the showy colours of the Begonia illuminating all around in attractive containers or in the ground.


I love to see brave little Snowdrops early in the year. They’re good for the soul as the countryside slowly but surely rises from its winter slumbers and hardships, reminding us to hold on just a little longer, as Spring is on the way.

A swathe of Bluebells in pretty woodland swells my heart. It’s delicate blue, haze-like and alluring. They remind me of Scotland, I need say no more.

Perhaps of all, I have the softest spot for the delicate and pure Lily of the Valley as my late mother loved them so.

God Bless, Marian.


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  1. A stained glass window image of a pretty and pure stem of Lily of the Valley.

    Comment by christine jackson straw | June 30, 2012

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