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A DREADFUL COURT CASE has been in the local news recently.  A young woman, attempting to access the ‘Pronto’ bus service to Mansfield at around 3am was denied by the driver due to the fact she was 20p short of her £5 fare. The woman began walking up Mansfield Road, a main arterial road out of the city, where she had telephoned to be picked up by her mother in her car. Horrifyingly, the girl was abducted, viciously beaten and raped before being found.

The story below details the situation with the driver and the following disciplinary procedure but there was something else going off here that was a little eye-opening for me and seemed to speak about the kind of society we find ourselves living in:

Bus driver ‘did not follow training’ over rape case

‘The trial at Nottingham Crown Court heard she tried to board the night bus at about 03:00 GMT on 10 December.  CCTV footage showed her on the bus for eight minutes as she looked for change and asked the driver to let her travel.  None of the bus passengers offered her the remaining 20p.’

Now, I appreciate the time of the bus is a factor and I would not wish to comment on the nature of the interchange between the driver and the young woman at that time of the morning which lasted for eight minutes, which is not reported. What does seem surprising and a little disturbing to me is that nobody would stump up just 20p to get the girl on the bus and get the lengthy journey to Mansfield underway.

As an additional thought; I get that late Pronto service occasionally – albeit an earlier service at just after midnight – and despite the late hour and the addition of plenty of alcohol in the passengers, I have never seen anything but a good atmosphere nor witnessed any trouble. I just couldn’t conceive of somebody 20p short on what is an approximate fourteen mile journey with the risk of being stranded in Nottingham, being refused a few pennies to get home, on that service.


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