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The Final Day of my Masters Degree

The final day then, the 20th of May 2010 and I look out of the bedroom window as I rise to a day of welcome sunshine. One exam left to carry out, an exam that had been delayed and referred for a long time along with a hard and difficult slog of a research project and my nemesis ‘Statistics’ posing just a month before in the form of another referred exam.

There had been a lot of hours work put in to preparing for today, many of those with my friend with her interminable patience and her caring, shrewd and intelligent ways. My partner too bore the brunt of my struggles as she helped me along the way towards today.

I take a run of some kind every single consecutive day and today was to be no different. With time of the essence and an exam at 1.30pm in the city, I strode out to the car, pulled the roof down to the sunny 8am morning air and drove to nearby Bestwood Country Park for a gentle jog along the path with the fresh, translucent green leaves and the birds loudly singing. I know I have a battle on my hands today. I am at ‘mile 24’ of a marathon. Continue reading


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