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National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day today with the theme of ‘Heroes and Heroines’.

Whilst being very much a reader and hopefully an appreciator of good quality writing, I’m not particularly a person that reads poetry so much. some of it leaves me a little confused or even underwhelmed. I was however brought up on Burns, Byron and a little Shelley, Keats and Wordsworth etc. for good measure. I still appreciate some of that wonderful work.

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As a young teenager I discovered, amongst others, Dylan Thomas. I loved much of what he wrote and one poem in particular that really ‘spoke’ to me.

I’d like to offer this as my favourite poem for National Poetry Day today. Do others, whilst not being necessarily that interested in poetry, have a particular piece of verse that they enjoy, that means something to the them personally maybe? Perhaps a little piece of earthy verse from the great Robert Burns for any fellow Scots out there? Even a ‘Boy stood on the burning deck’ limerick! It all counts.

Here’s mine anyway. By Dylan Thomas:

Love in the Asylum


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Hibernian: The John Hughes Revolution

Well October is already well-aired and it seems such a while since I saw the Hibs play. When I say ‘play’ I mean in the flesh – actually watching from the seats at good old Easter Road or elsewhere. Watching on the television – and these days via the Internet, while a handy substitute, does not really cut it for me personally. I’d rather watch one live game than twenty on a screen.

It’s been a summer of revision of course. Erstwhile hero and former manager Mixu Paatelainen has left the club to be replaced by John ‘Yogi’ Hughes and big John has brought with him from his years at Falkirk, a rather large new broom to the club.


I have to confess that in the past, John was never a man I would have chosen to run the team I love. There were things I appreciated about his style sure, but I was quite a fan of the perhaps more sophisticated approach of John Collins, though I’m certain there will be many dissenters with that view. The point is that I hoped for a similar ‘modern’ manager at the helm and John Hughes with his apparent, rough around the edges approach to the beautiful game and life in general didn’t seem to fit my criteria.

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