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The Marathon Diaries: A Minor Miracle!

The last time I wrote in The Marathon Diaries it was to report a hamstring injury that I had sustained and hopefully recovered from. Injuries are such a difficult subject for the runner, never more so for the marathoner with a large quantity of hard work in training potentially going to rack and ruin before a race. With that in, mind it was quite some relief I was experiencing as the injury appeared to subside nicely with the aid of a lot of judicious care.


The River Trent Embankment

A new and more serious threat reared it’s head a week yesterday though. I had thought it a reoccurrence of the hamstring problem and was treating it as such. During the course of a couple of short runs of 3-4 miles at the end of the week I began to despair as the pain was there throughout the runs and did not fade post run.

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