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It’s Friday at last (hooray!) The traditional day for a little levity. I’m not sure whether it’s a parallel universe I live in or whether I just keep a keen eye out for this stuff but here’s a couple of happenings from this week so far…

My partner was in the usual chaotic rush to get to work this day. she decided to take her ‘breakfast’ with her and eat on the hoof. ‘Breakfast’ is this unimaginable concoction of a home-whisked strawberry smoothie complete with cereals added.

All is well so far – it’s not bacon and eggs exactly but it’s a good, solid nourishing start to the day.
Only it wasn’t to be.

I listened on helplessly as I heard the tale of how she, hands full, placed the big breakfast mug on the roof of the Toyota…got in the car and careered off at speed…leaving a trail of pink goo down the middle of the road…


My partner’s cousin travels several days a week to work locally in a school for children with behavioural problems .

One of the older kids was having his usual ‘mare at school yesterday. He was also scheduled to talk to a councellor visiting the school in the afternoon.


All seemed to be going well whilst his counselling session was going on, no tantrums, no raised voices.

Until he came storming out of the room in fairly forthright manner…

“I don’t need no ***ing anger management classes – tell her she can shove her anger ****ing management classes up her ****ing ass!”

Is it just me?

Have a good Friday, all.


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  1. Your anger management story reminds me of a true story about my late uncle who was a psychiatrist. One time he was called in to help with a difficult patient who was defying attempts at diagnosis and treatment. After a long hard hour dealing with the patient my uncle emerged with the diagnosis written on his form: “****ING MAD!”

    Comment by Fraser | June 16, 2009

  2. It’s as good a diagnosis as any I reckon! Right on the nail with a few individuals I’ve come across too. I think your uncle was a wise man. 🙂

    Comment by Stuart | June 16, 2009

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