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The Marathon Diaries: The Over-Forties

Just recently my marathon training has been pitched at around thirty miles per week or so. It was now time to step things up for a week, pushing the weekly mileage further for a week before gradually building up to that level (and beyond) on a regular basis. Forty miles it was to to be then and with two days of running left I am comfortably placed on 35 miles after a steady 10 mile-plus image run yesterday afternoon around the pleasant local villages.

It’s a potentially risky business building up the mileage – injury is, as ever, just around the next bend if care is not taken over this. I understand from experience how much my body will take in this respect. I heard one with much more knowledge than me profess it akin to race-tuning a high-performance car. A trusty family runabout will undoubtedly mostly run trouble-free with the right care month-in and month-out whilst a car tuned for speed will always run the risk of travelling just that little bit too far and going over the edge. For a motor car this means  a visit to the garage for corrective measures, for an athlete it can mean an injury that is costly in terms of time missed through training and also expensive professional sport injury assistance. As one might imagine, it’s well worth thinking long hard about the way we progress the quantity of our mileage.

The week has been one of mostly slow and solid running. I tend to try and disregard this as I know that the key to eventual marathon success is one that encompasses a majority of steady aerobic type running. This can be augmented by more speed work and faster tempo running a little way down the line. The running has not been necessarily that comfortable as on some days, my body has still felt the effect of not receiving a decent ‘rest’ through the week on some days – particularly with running every single day as I do. A little stretching, good diet and some relaxation can help in this respect. It’s going to be over-forty (miles) this week.Next week can take care of itself.


June 5, 2009 - Posted by | Archives: The Marathon Diaries

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