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Beer Goggles: They’re not your fault men!

In the course of my research I’m currently reading a Psychology textbook, Evolutionary Psychology by Mike Buss. I’m primarily investigating the subject of facial attraction but this book is a (perhaps unwitting) source of goggles-2entertainment, in particular when examining short-term sexual strategies between the sexes.

I’ve found out something about the ‘beer goggles’ effect that I thought I really should pass on to every man who reads this site. Please proceed with care and absolutely no offence intended to all you lovely ladies out there.

To summarise, it firstly states what we all know, namely that judgements of attractiveness rate higher at the end of an evening in a bar, in males. No news there right? Happily there is a small shift upwards in women’s ratings of men’s attractiveness as the evening becomes *ahem’ more mature too. It’s only slight but hey, we’ll take that happily eh boys?

Here’s the proposed real reason why we become so enamoured with that nice girl behind the bar that’s been serving you pints of Stella and Aftershock chasers all night become so gorgeous as the evening becomes ever increasingly near closing time.

Men’s shifts in perceptions of attractiveness nearing closing time occurs regardless of the amount of alcohol they have consumed apparently. Whether a man consumes a single pint or six has no effect on the shift in viewing women as more attractive later on in the night.


“The ‘beer goggles’ phenomenon may well be attributed to a psychological mechanism that is sensitive to decreasing opportunities over the course of the evening for casual sex. As the evening progresses and a man has not yet been successful in picking up a woman, he views the remaining women in the bar as increasingly attractive, a shift that will presumably increase his attempts to solicit sex from those women.”

There, now you have it boys.

The closing time phenomenon seems to represent a psychological answer to the issue of sexual accessibility – a lowering of standards as the likelihood of sexual accessibility starts to decline for the evening.

Drink up and be merry lads!


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  1. Nice post. I always remember it as “10 to 2, she’ll do…”
    Take it easy.

    Comment by Christian Yorke | May 9, 2009

  2. Cheers Christian. I think we all recognise that feeling! 🙂

    Comment by Stuart | May 11, 2009

  3. LOL at #1 !!

    Comment by Miss Edinburgh | May 12, 2009

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