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Ryanair – Oh dear!

I think we’re all used to the odd stealth tax, you know that crafty little means of appearing to allow you money in one area before swiftly whipping it away from you behind your back ‘unnoticed’. Well take a look at this forward-looking plan by discount airline, Dublin based Ryanair. Apparently the formerly speedily-growing organisation with some 181 aircraft flying over 729 routes in Europe and North Africa have a great new idea to assist in keeping your air ticket prices low.

They’re going to charge you to use the bathroom in-flight!

$3 craps

I think those of us who fly regularly can foresee a few problems and *ahem* potential incidents here. The thought of installing a coin-operated door on the aeroplane bathroom seems quite ludicrous in it’s own right. Apparently there are technical issues with doing this however and an option for using credits cards for a bathroom visit are now being examined – at £1 per visit.

Recently, the airline stated an intention to get rid of check-in desks in order to provide cost cutting measures and within reason (and a suitable alternative system) one may accept this move, surely though this is a step too far? Let’s make no mistake this is penny pinching and the pure chasing of a fast buck by Ryanair.

On the bright side it might persuade customers to resist buying overpriced drinks on the flights and may well blow up in their faces in this respect. Let’s hope that a desperate passenger or two doesn’t decide to leave them a little ‘present’ in the behind seat stowage pockets amongst the sweet wrappers and used newspapers…


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