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Hibernian: Five Positives

Man…this is going to be difficult! There is so much gloom surrounding Easter Road presently due mainly to serious failings on the pitch. Manager, Mixu Paatelainen is deeply in the trenches due to his widely perceived poor tactical  and motivational ability amongst other criticisms. I’ve not had the pleasure (?) of visiting Easter Road in a little while now but reliable witnesses tell me it’s turgid stuff being produced on a weekly basis currently. Not only are the fans not seeing a side wining a game or two they are being starved of entertainment too. This will not do of course and a somewhat poisonous atmosphere is steadily creeping over the old ground.

Who can blame these fans? Certainly not me. It is difficult to see the club that’s in your heart going downhill at such an alarming rate with little too apparently arrest this worrying state of affairs. In spite of this I’m going to try and cheer myself up by looking on the bright side for a moment, difficult though that may be.

Let’s give it a go…



Negligible debt – how many UK football clubs can boast of being in that position currently? It’s not necessarily that savoury the way Hibs have got themselves into that position (i.e. by selling off a stream of good, young players, not to mention some long-held land) but hey, let’s try and throw a positive pose…


Ian Murray clashes with Celtic’s Nakamura

Ian Murray – has returned to Easter Road and shown consistent performances and played for the jersey. Little was given for his prospect by many, especially considering his health and fitness problems in the past. Here Hibernian have a valuable, versatile and dependable player who can perform to the same standard in several different positions to equal effect.



Derek Riordan – maligned by some for a supposed lack of fitness but it should be noted that in a poorly performing side he is still scoring goals regularly. With a good pre-season behind him I can see a return to the player he was (and more). A natural finisher and a nice soft touch on the ball – something not regularly seen in the Scottish Premier League it has to be said.


Time to go? The current East Terrace

The proposed new East Stand – a bit of a tricky one this, slightly problematic especially due to the current financial climate. There is no doubt however that the club are well placed to at last finish off Easter Road when they choose as the right time. The final piece in the jigsaw will offer a finer home for the team and support than they have arguably ever had.


East Mains Training Centre – again, much maligned by some Hibs supporters. Not by me however. I think this was a terrific step forward and one that will have long term varied benefits for the club. One needs to divorce our current problems on the pitch away from the issue of the training centre. It’s one for the future, let’s look forward.


There we have it then – five current positives about the famous old club. These are certainly turbulent times at Easter Road and we all look forward to Hibs returning to their ‘upward spiral’. I do feel it’s important to offer a balanced view however.


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  1. A brave attempt, Stu! Sadly those five things together don’t add up to a better team week after week. Given the players we have we really ought to be competing with Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd etc for the European places, and the reason we are not must therefore come down to the manager. For some reason Mixu is not getting the best out of those players.

    The training ground, the lower debt, a new stand – all are good things which will reap benefits in the long term – but none of them can help Mixu select, organise and motivate a team. Sadly I think his goose is cooked. Attendances are on a bit of a slide, understandably, and Petrie can’t afford a team which doesn’t put bums on seats.

    Comment by Fraser | March 3, 2009

  2. Off topic here a bit. Terrible news about the Sri Lankan cricketers:( and they called the Aussie cricket team cowards for refusing to tour Pakistan. I hope England stays away.

    Why attack a sports team? Beggars belief!

    Peace to you Stu:)


    Comment by marie | March 3, 2009

  3. You’re right of course, Fraser. All of those positive things don’t amount to a hill of beans without some kind of tangible success on the pitch. That’s what the likes of the training centre in particular are aimed at of course.

    I agree that there is no way forward for Mixu. It’s all over barr doing the deal for him to go. The only thing that would influence Petrie is seeing money fly out the window through lack of gate receipts, he will undoubtedly act on this. Reading around the message boards, the fans seem to be more ‘mobilised’ (if that’s the word) into not turning up than I can remember in a long time. I feel some sympathy for Mixu and hate to see the way people have turned on him but he is certainly not the man for the job.

    Comment by Stuart | March 3, 2009

  4. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

    Comment by Raciel | March 3, 2009

  5. Thank you, Raciel!

    I hope you slept well!

    Comment by Stuart | March 3, 2009

  6. Thanks for your comment Marie. Yes that really was a shocking, almost unbelievable turn of events in Pakistan. Very sad indeed. I recall the Aussies refusing to tour there, it was some time ago wasn’t it? Indeed who could blame them as in the fullness of time their decision has been shown to be correct.

    I hate it when sports are used as a political tool. International sport has enough problems of it’s own without having to deal with a political burden!

    Peace to you too, Marie.


    Comment by Stuart | March 4, 2009

  7. Yes indeed and many considered our Aussie cricketers “cowards.” They were simply showing some common sense. But what a pity for the Pakistani people who love their cricket:(…I doubt any country will go there now.

    Peace to you Stu:) & God bless


    Comment by marie | March 5, 2009

  8. Yes Marie, it’s always the fans that suffer after these circumstances. I’m sure you’re right in saying that it will be many a day before anyone offers to tour that country now. Perhaps their contests, if any, will all be on foreign soil from now on. A great shame for all concerned – all caused by a few madmen.

    Peace to you too.


    Comment by Stuart | March 7, 2009

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