The Tears of a Clown

Now if there's a smile upon my face…

How not to ice skate…

One of the funniest images I’ve come across in a long time appeared on my laptop screen this morning. It was an image of actor Todd Carty competing on ITV’s Dancing on Ice. Todd appears to have gamely taken on the John Sergeant role from Strictly Come Dancing as resident clown.

When was the last time you saw such flagrant panic on someone’s face as on this shot of Todd careering off the ice?

After an extremely wooden performance characterised by naked fear, Todd made this wonderfully entertaining (and unplanned) exit from the ice after tripping away from his ice dancing partner. On his exciting departure from the ice, Todd seemed to at several points somehow miraculously avoid landing prostrate. Seconds later he reappeared onto the ice to join his partner looking like he had been shot out of a canon from behind the scenes. One can easily imagine a couple of stooges off set grabbing him and turning him round back in front of the cameras!

Watch the whole hilarious performance here!

Without being too harsh on poor Todd, he’s never going to become a skater. After many months of expert coaching he looks as though he’s just strapped a pair of blades on for the first time and is looking for the rink boards to nervously hang on to. Lifting one skate off the ice then the other looks like a perilous pastime for him. Fair play to him however, he’s certainly game!


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