What can you see?

This is an image sent to me by a visitor to The Tears of a Clown in regard to this article  about Bestwood Country Park and Colliery Village in Nottinghamshire in which she has an interest. The image is of the old boiler house which served The Bestwood Lodge, once a fine hunting lodge and now a popular hotel on the edge of the pretty woodlands of the country park. It’s kindly requested that if anyone recalls this building which was demolished around the turn of the 1980s’ and stood on the land where the Fire Station is now situated, would they mind sharing their memories or knowledge about it.

But that is not all.




The visitor who supplied the image for this article pointed out that there appears to be a little more to this fairly ordinary photograph than may at first meet the eye. I too immediately spotted it. For those that are partial to a good mystery, these premises were purported to be haunted. I’ll leave you to look at the image closely…

For the full-size image, click here

6 thoughts on “What can you see?”

  1. Grrrrr!!!! I HATE mysteries!!! lol;)..I have been gazing at that image for ten minutes and dont SEE anything!!!!..Now YOU have to put me out of my misery…What am I supposed to be seeing??? A ghost? *chills up my spine*….What if it comes to haunt me???? *looks sideways*….Hmmm well if it dares wake me up at when I’m asleep it will wish itself dead TWICE! LOL!

    With laughs, daffy

    Marie lol;) but DO tell?

  2. I’m bad.

    I’ve used up ten minutes of your valuable time when you could have been writing one of the lovely posts for ‘Views from the Pews’! 🙂

    I can’t let on just yet as there are a lot of people looking at it, Marie. One person has spotted ‘it’ today though!

    You are thinking along the right lines…!

  3. Grrrr!!!!!

    This is the third time I have back to look at that picture and still cant see anything!!!! *cleans glasses* LOL!…Unless ofcourse….;)

    If I dont find out soon I swear I will throw a BOOMERANG at ya…*makes note to self remember to DUCK* Boomerangs return to the thrower LOL!

    with laughs,

    Marie 🙂 lol

  4. There is a surprise for you at my blog…though by all accounts I should send that boomerang! But I left a note..Someone TELL what’s in that pic! LOL.

    With laughs


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